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She Will Forever Be Missed





Remembering Deborah Chen

This site was created in memory of our Debbie Chen. Our loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, mother-in-law and grandmother.


Born in Kingston Jamaica

JANUARY 19, 1958

The Genesis

Deborah (Debbie ) Ann Shim was born on January 19,1958 on the island of Jamaica. The second of 6 children of George and Bernadette Shim.  Debbie’s older sister is Christine, followed by Michelle, David, Lisa and Carolyn. Debbie graduated from Immaculate Conception High School. In Debbie’s final year in High School she met Hugh Chen. The two were married in Miami in August 1978 and 43 years of the Debbie Chen story started.


Good Times - Sad times - Good Time

Debbie’s first joy came in December 1979 when Brian was born. This was followed by Jason in February 1982. There was sad times when Debbie lost Nicholas and Jonathan. In 1988 Debbie gave birth to Laura, however the joy only lasted 11 days. 

Debbie became a mother-in-law on February 26, 2011 when Brian married Mandy on a sunny spring day in Sunny Isles.


Debbie started a new phase of her life on May 14, 2012 when Brandon, her first grandchild, was born. Things got even better on September 12, 2015 when Emma was born. There is hardly a photo of Debbie without Brandon and Emma. For Debbie, it was all about Brandon and Emma.



About Debbie (Debs)


Debs loved to travel. Next to cruising, Debs loved visiting the Far East, especially Hong Kong.  She enjoyed shopping in Hong Kong. When not traveling to a foreign country or another State, Debs enjoyed spending time in her vacation home in Orlando with the grand children.


When Debs was not traveling, her favorite pass time was watching TV; Lifetime, Hallmark, Bravo, and Food TV. She kept a list of restaurants she would try when she traveled. 


Debs Cancer


Debs fight with cancer started in 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing radiation treatment, it appeared the breast cancer was under control. However in October 2018 Debs started her fight with Endometrial Cancer. Things got progressively worse and in 2020 she began her treatment with chemotherapy which proved ineffective. Her doctors then prescribed a new treatment plan which unfortunately did not work. The last 2 months Debs was in agonizing pain. Now Debs is pain free. Her soul has flittered away like a free bird from its cage. No more pain, only eternal happiness. She promised Hugh that she will wait for him.


Debs Faith


Debs was baptized a Roman Catholic. She started attending New Hope Church in 2018 where her faith in Christ intensified. She was a member of a prayer group at New Hope. It was her wish that her service would be held at New Hope.


Debs an amazing Wife, Mother and Grandmother


Family was everything to Debs; especially Brandon and Emma. Mama as they called her, spent most of her time planning, doing and providing for Brandon and Emma.


What is amazing is how Debs handled her cancer. She never got angry; she never complained; never a “why me”; never blaming God, or anyone. The most she would ever say is “ I don’t know what is going to happen with me” when Debs and Hugh spoke about  planning a vacation. 


If we need an example of someone who cares about family and friends, of someone who never complains when times are bad, of someone who offers encouragement, of someone who always tried to offer and show compassion to others, of someone who has unquestionable faith in God and Jesus… then you have that person in Deborah Ann Chen. 

Her Life


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